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Professional Commercial Heating And Air Conditioning Service

Heating and air conditioning problems can be frustrating for business owners. You know how important it is to keep employees and clients comfortable – and out of the extreme temperatures North Texas can throw at us. At GAC Service Company, we’re proud providers of commercial HVAC sales, service and maintenance – and have been for decades. Serving the DFW Metroplex and all of North Texas, we strive to offer excellent work no matter the hour and no matter your heating and air conditioning issues.

In addition to service, we hope you will turn to us for professional design and installation of new systems. We can assemble a complete plan for a modern heating, air conditioning and ducting system for your business and then execute it with care and precision.

When To Make The Call To GAC Service

Before an HVAC problem happens, you can call us for routine maintenance and service. If your system has failed or is failing, please call us quickly. Signs your system needs some work include:

Too little hot or cold air coming out. In this case, your system could be low on refrigerant or have a clogged air filter. It could have a bad thermocouple. If you contact us quickly, we can get everyone comfortable quickly too.
Unexpected noises. Every system makes noise, and you’re probably familiar with the usual noises. But when you hear something you haven’t heard before, our team of pros at GAC Services Company can help. Rattling, for example, could mean a carbon monoxide leak. Hissing could mean a toxic refrigerant is leaking.
Higher operating costs. When an HVAC system costs more to operate than in the past, that’s a sure sign it needs maintenance or is failing. In some case, a few steps could increase the life of the system and return it to peak efficiency.

Depend On Us For Commercial HVAC

GAC Services Company is the team to trust for your business heating and air conditioning needs. Turn to us for system design and replacement, troubleshooting, repair, maintenance and more. We’ll get you up and running and keep things operating smoothly.

We have the tools, techniques and team to keep your North Texas commercial building comfortable for all who use it – and safe for everyone too. We’ll stay out of the way of your work as much as possible while doing ours, and we’ll get your problems resolved. It’s what we do every day. Why not contact us at GAC Services Company so we can get started?

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